This is a collection of photographs taken on our Alaska cruise/tour in late August/early September, 2010.

The Mt. McKinley pages show the pictures taken during a spectacular  “flightseeing” tour around Mount McKinley.

The Alaska Scenes pages include a variety of scenery photos taken in other parts of the state, on the land tour as well as on the cruise.

Alaska is home to a huge variety of mushrooms and a page is included with mushroom photos taken on our various hikes. 

We were on a Celebrity cruise/tour, starting in Fairbanks. After several days on land seeing the Fairbanks area and Denali Park, we traveled to Anchorage and then on to Seward where we boarded the Millennium in Seward for a week-long cruise to Vancouver, BC.

Alaska is a wonderful place to visit, and is one of those that we would like to do again. 

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